Randy Loftin For Congress 2012

Endorsed by the California Republican Party
CA District 5
About Randy Loftin

Joseph Randolph "Randy" Loftin, Jr. was born in 1943 in the US Army Hospital, Fort Sill, OK, to Captain Joseph R Loftin and Mary Louise Parker Loftin. The Loftin family tree possesses a rich heritage that dates back to the early 1600’s in North Carolina and the 1700’s in the Volunteer state of Tennessee.

Randy’s father was a career military man so the family lived in many locations including post WWII Japan where his sister Teresa was born in 1948. When his father was shipped to Korea in 1950, Mom and the children went home to Columbia, TN. Thereafter, the family relocated many times to Army assignments in Germany, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Washington DC and Virginia. Colonel Loftin retired from active duty in 1968.

Randy graduated from Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, VA and subsequently entered the US Military Academy at West Point with the class of '66. He trained to serve his country for 4 years and was a varsity squash player (#1 in his senior year); one of the few who never lost a match to a Navy midshipman! He earned a BS in Business Administration at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN. Randy's military service began in 1966 as a commissioned 2nd Lt. He served 7 years as a finance officer including a year in Vietnam with the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne and the 5th Special Forces Group. He concluded his military service as a Finance and Accounting Officer at the US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA.

Randy's extensive business experience has its focus in the financial services arena. He owns and operates a successful tax and financial planning business in Napa and is a passionate advocate of client education. Each client comes to his office with a unique set of circumstances concerning their economic matters. Randy takes particular pride in listening and guiding them through the "maze of mystery" then he sets out to plan a financial future that provides them with safety and security. Randy is a registered EA (Enrolled Agent) that authorizes him to represent clients before the IRS. He considers the United States tax system to be out-of-date, cumbersome and exceedingly expensive to operate. For that reason, you will find that he is an enthusiastic support of The Fair Tax (see www.fairtax.org). Randy is an active member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, the National Association of Tax Professionals and the California Association of Enrolled Agents.

What I stand for and why I am running for Congress:

I stand for small government as it was originally designed by our founding fathers. The Federalist Papers and other documents of the time, reveal that the Founders correctly anticipated most of the problems that an intrusive, all-powerful, central government would present. They created a governing document to last throughout the ages and included ways to alter it thru amendments. Our Constitution provides us an orderly process with power vested in the people, not the government. We have strayed from our founding principles and have willingly relinquished our power to larger government and progressive politicians. We have failed to heed the warnings of our founders and now find our amazing country under attack from within. The assault upon our greatness comes in the form of ever increasing government control …strong-arming its free and gifted people through unreasonable taxation, overbearing regulations and compounded by reckless government spending.

I am an impassioned seeker of like-minded Americans who will stand with me to "blow the horn" on catastrophic debt and self-serving representatives for they are enslaving us.

Email your support or contact me directly at: Randy@loftinforcongress.com

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